Richard E Todd

Author, Speaker, Golfer



Richard started writing after a humiliating event on the golf course.  This lead to learning  craft that took him in many areas.

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As a writer, I'm always working on the 'next project'

I'm also looking for your opinion on my ideas and would appreciate input.

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Book Formatting

Website Design

Do you need help designing your website? 

I've designed several for different businesses and can provide answers and help.

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Freelance Writer


Thank you for visiting my site!   While here, check out all my published works, my bio and background, and tips on writing.

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Do you, your company, or your magazine need a column, article, or post?

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Over the years I have given presentations on writing and golf and can be available to your group!


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Richard began his coloring book career by accident. He intended on making a book for his kids but ended up having several top sellers on Amazon!


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Having self published several books I've become proficient in formatting and enjoy the process.

Do you need help with your book layout?

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All of Richard's books are available on!

Also view his author profile there!


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Richard E Todd lives in Ohio, where the golf season is short but the writing happens all year long.


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Being a life long golfer, Richard loves all things related to the ancient sport. 

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